Women In Construction Week 2021 – Melanie Thomas

Melanie Thomas has been with Astra for over 14 years, and she currently serves as our Safety Director. She does an excellent job of overseeing the safe construction of all of our projects and of creating a safe and healthy work environment. She is also at a job site almost every day. Melanie goes above and beyond to make sure we are all safe and well, and we could not produce such amazing work without her contributions.

Melanie started in the construction industry at a very early age. For her, the pay was better than her other job options as a teenager. Throughout her journey in the industry, Melanie has had one primary mentor who still inspires her today.

Some young women become intimidated by the lack of other women in the field when they are starting out; however, Melanie was never personally intimidated by this lack of diversity.

“There may be additional challenges being a woman in the construction industry, but it is not hard,” said Melanie. “I do not feel I need to be more assertive or more confident just because I am a woman. Everyone should be confident in their ability regardless of their gender.”

Like many women, Melanie has benefitted from taking advantage of the resources and community offered by the National Association of Women In Construction (NAWIC).

“Hopefully after the pandemic is over I will have the opportunity to meet in person with others at NAWIC again, and I look forward to the volunteering events with NAWIC as well,” said Melanie. “It is a way to come together with other women in the industry and give back to the community.”

In the future, Melanie hopes to see more women choose to join the construction industry and to build their careers there. She also hopes to see an increase in the advancement of women to senior levels of leadership throughout the industry.

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