Astra Group turned 25 this year!

We recently celebrated our 25th Anniversary on May 9th at New Realm Brewing — right off of the Astra-built Eastside Trail on the Atlanta Beltline! The venue provided an excellent rooftop setting with gorgeous views of the City. The DJ set us off with some fantastic music, while the brewery catered delicious spread of food and an open bar with their large selection of spring brews. What more could we ask for!

Each guest got the opportunity to participate in a raffle where we handed out prizes that included two giveaways of an insulated wine bag with complimentary wine, a waterproof GoPro camera, and a couple of Bluetooth speakers. As a parting gift, we gave each guest a custom pilsner glass with Astra’s 25th anniversary logo etched on it.

Andrew and Ian Lindsay (our president and chairman of the board) gave a heartfelt speech about their appreciation for all of their customers, employees, vendors, subs, and friends. Astra is a family run business, and as a result, the employees have created bonds beyond the scope of being coworkers. We have become good friends and our own little family, and this celebration was a beautiful representation of that. As we all laughed together and celebrated an incredible 25 years in business, we continued to build that company bond that makes Astra such an exceptional company.

Cory Reeves, a Project Engineer at Astra, did a wonderful job summing up how the employees felt about the event when he said:

“The birthday party for Astra Group, Inc., was memorable for several reasons. Still, one especially remarkable thing that stood out for me was the choice of venue which unbeknownst to me at the time had some symbolism behind it. Concerning the venue of choice [New Realm Brewery], I later found out that the recent development was effectively “anchored” in-part based on our contributions to the Atlanta Beltline! For Astra to have such an integral role in this form of community development definitely stood out to me; effectively letting me know once again that choosing this internship was a great idea!”

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